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Every Day's a Miracle on Chapter 34 Street!

Every Day's a Miracle on Chapter 34 Street!

Miracle on 34th Street was released in 1947 with Oscar winner Edmund Gwenn as Santa. The film was written and directed by George Seaton.  He won an Oscar for best screenplay, and was nominated for Best Director and Best Film.  I love this film.  

Santa is perfect.  The "psychologist" he whops on the head with his umbrella is timeless enough to make that scene one of my all time favorites.

The best is John Payne’s character Fred Gaily. He’s the attorney who risks his career by taking on the “impossible” task of proving Kris Kringle to be the "one and only" Santa Claus.

Doris (Maureen O’Hara): You're not really serious about this?
Gaily: Of course I am.
Doris: But it’s “impossible” to prove he's Santa Claus. 
Gaily: Why? You saw Macy and Gimbal shaking hands. That wasn't possible either, but it happened.
Doris: It’s completely idiotic. What do your bosses say?
Gaily: That either I drop this impossible case or they will drop me.
Doris: I can’t believe you would risk everything to prove the impossible...that there IS a Santa Claus!
Gaily: But no one else has the courage to stand up for Kris, and what he stands for!

It's okay to stand up and be courageous for underdogs… and even for yourself when your back is to the wall.  Do your relate?  Have you ever marched into hell for a heavenly cause?  It's okay to be something other than the flavor of the month.  Have you ever been David in the stand against Goliath?  It's okay to do something good for someone who needs you and gives you the chance to stop "wasting your time on this earth." 

If you've lived these challenges, the stuff of Christmas... and I'm sure you have, then listen to your Life's Soundtrack!  It is STORMWORKS Chapter 21: WON WAY, inspired by and dedicated to Roberto Clemente.  You haven't ordered a copy yet?

It's Christmas!  Merry Christmas!  Godspeed in your Story and our Story yet to come!  

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Reactions just coming in… 

"Steve, I just finished listening to Chapter 21 start to finish.  All I can say is... "Wow!" Very powerful and moving things... You were not kidding when you said the music deals with situations going on in the world today… Words cannot express my gratitude for sharing your music with me. You once again proved that "You can't fake real."

"You can’t fake real…. I heard those words from Stephen Melillo in 2006 when I was an undergrad at Troy University. We were beginning a recording session for his Stormworks Chapter 1P, Wish to the World. Steve, and his music, push and pull you to the limit with every emotion imaginable.  Joy and happiness only build tension into the darker places of the world and the human soul.  He has written and recorded meaningful music for the turbulent times in which we live, and then inspires Hope.  His music is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human soul.  Passion is a trademark of his music. Steve and his music are one of the most Inspirational forms of classical / orchestral or any other media you can find today."  Andrew Stawick, Percussionist 

"Steve, The hour is late. Been playing with my GrandDaughter all Day/Night. After bedtime I listened to Won Way. Half way through, without the libretto, yet, tears are flowing. You, the Master of Before & After. You, the Believer in Everything.  A culmination of the obvious. Dude, this is It! Glad that I have been a small part of the Struggle. We shall continue the Fight. I Love you, Man. I Love the Music/Struggle." Mike Lee, Synth on Chapter 5:8: Writings on the Wall.

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