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Uncle Ernie


The Eve of 6 May 2017
Gramps Nicky’s Birthday
and the New Saint Dominic Savio Feast-day

Dear Family and Friends,

You know how every once in a while, a “scene” will pop into your head for no reason at all?  Not sure what triggers it, but you suddenly remember a specific. often obscure moment, that until you saw it again, had you convinced it was wiped from your Memory?  

Well, I call theseTimestorms and for whatever reason it might be, this morning, looking out at a rain-soaked street from my bed, I saw a scene involving Uncle Ernie, Alan’s Father, Aunt Lola’s Husband… you know the relationships better than I.

(ooh… MASSIVE Thunder just hit right now! Actually SHOOK the house!)

When I was real little, we were at Great Grampa Caruso’s.  I guess he was feeling frail at the Time.  I vividly recall Uncle Ernie, a big Man as I recall, placing his hand on Grampa’s shoulder.  It was so loving, so gentle, so tender and Giving, that it became locked into my Soul FOREVER, (actually imagery in the mind aside).  

I realize today that I have ALWAYS associated that “touch” with the very definition of Compassion.

Uncle Ernie, in that one absolutely small moment, at least to him, “programmed” my understanding of Compassion… which now, as I look back, explains why I so often place a hand on the kids who come into my care.

Just thought I would share that with you on the eve of Grampa Nick’s Birthday. LOVE & MISS him, and what has SYNCly become the new Feast Day for Saint Dominic Savio.

Thank you, Uncle Ernie.  From long after you have walked with us, you continue to Inspire.

Love & Godspeed!  S

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