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Unsolicited Thoughts on “Stage Fright.” For the Kids in Our Care…


Only for Now Seating Chart

3 May 2017, the 37th anniversary of Only for Now, premiered at M.I.T.

In any activity, uncontrolled fear can get the better of us.  At best we default to our level of training.  In an honor band setting, where only hours of learning and rehearsal have taken many to new ideas, that means that much of the fresh experience will be under the fire of pressures brought on by the audience, the lights, the seemingly different temperatures, etc.

On 3 May 1980, a 9-movement work was premiered at M.I.T.  It was “Only for Now.”  For the event, my Grandfather came up to Boston with my Mom from Port Chester, New York.  This first concert of Music that I had written was also the last concert he would ever hear.

Years later, I realized that in every audience, there was a good chance someone was hearing Music for the First Time.  A baby perhaps, or someone who had never been to such an event.  And in every concert, there was a sad probability that someone was hearing Music for the Last Time.

If you focus on those 2 people… the first-time concert-goer, and the last-time listener, your stage-fright will go away.  If instead you flood your Music-making with Love and Giving, intent upon offering your best to these 2 people, you will be so filled with the true nature and purpose of Music that there will be no room for fear to enter.  In the end, that is why we make Music… to Give.

Godspeed!  S

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