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The Wishing Well

In December of 2011, while doing some Christmas shopping, I saw a man wearing a WWII Veterans cap. Over the years, I seem to have acquired a homing-beacon to such Men and Women. I feel an instant duty to put aside all else and make every effort to “accidentally” bump into them.

Our Veteran was a soon-to-be 92-year-old Pearl Harbor Survivor. As always, I had to meet him and shake his hand. Talk to him. Let him know that a now 70-year-old sacrifice was still immeasurably appreciated, and perpetually alive within me. It is after all, why we gather.


We laughed together. Ah! The subject of another article: Laughter! I am a big believer in this! We looked into each others eyes. Joked. There were pats on the back as we went our separate ways. As much as I would like to share the dialogue of this fleeting, special passing of ships in a store, (He served on the USS Honolulu) I want to instead share with you a valuable Health technique I call… The Wishing Well!


It is a simple technique… but not one that comes easily. Like all physical arts it requires discipline. At its core is absolutely pure, completely innocent, unwaveringly honest Sincerity. Easier said and written than done. Yes, “Wishing Well” will have to be practiced and practiced yet again until it becomes fluid and natural. But stay with it!


Roberto Clemente said, “If you have the chance to help someone and you don’t, you are wasting your time on this earth.” But helping happens in many ways… and as we help others so do we help ourselves. Even when our every effort is to be selfless!


As I shook this stranger’s hand, I flooded myself with a simple thought… perhaps it was a form of Prayer, but remember, this works for anyone whose Heart is filled with Giving. That is, the technique is non-denominational. ;–)!


I thought this: “Please let some of my Life pass through my hand and into his. He needs it now, more than I do. I wish him Love and happiness. I wish him well.”


There it is my friends! A simple thought, a profound idea, a physical energy of good-will that flows through you and into someone else.


Even when it is self-blocked it always flows back to you, making you stronger and ready to wish well yet again. Is there a Health benefit? Yes. I do not have the science to support this, but this is something I know to be True and therefore gladly share with you.


How do I know?


In addition to feeling a quantifiable change in muscle tension, I also feel my heart rate relax, and a warm “chill” pass through every part of me. Since I experience the physical benefits after the fact of the doing, I know it works.

Best Time to Practice the Wishing Well Technique

Whenever you see anyone who touches your compassion... some stranger passing on a distant street, perhaps pushing themselves along in a wheelchair, give them your best wishes.  Wish them well.  Do it silently.  No fanfare.  Be sincere.  

There are SO many possibilities.  It is almost axiomatic to state that events such as meeting someone who needs uplifting will most likely occur when you yourself are down, tired, not-chipper, not happy-go-lucky. You may even be downright depressed. Maybe you’re the one who needs that friendly smile and that giving handshake. Perfect! As you extend yourself for someone else, you will feel something good reemerge within you.

It is said that in Giving we receive. It is True. Practice this technique until you too, feel it! Then both of us will know that it is True!

Until then… and through the most unlikely media of the internet, I wish YOU well!



PS: Here is my “Laughter” article. Why wait?

Just as Music can uplift the Human soul, so can laughter add years to a Life. I believe this. The science? I’m sure it’s there, but why get sidetracked? If you too believe in the power of Laughter… I urge you to make every effort to pass some Laughter to those who are towards the end of their Life. Wish them Well in the form of a shared laugh. As our Veteran left the store, he still had a smile on his face. I hope he lives for as long as he wants and needs!

Godspeed! S

© Stephen Melillo IGNA 2012

Comments Section

Wishing you well on your birthday, Stephen.:] I finally left my sad sack o sh*t sorry excuse for a husband. I wish him well too. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. It took me a long time to see it though.
Steve, I love the Wishing Well idea, and I WILL be doing this! Thanks!

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